In today’s world, internet has become an integral part of our life. So, we should know how to use it professionally to earn a living by it. If you have a Small-scale business or medium-scale business, internet is the key to promote your product globally and brand your business online. The technique used to expand your business and compete with big companies online is known as Digital Marketing.

In this blog, you will learn three things i.e.

WHAT? – What is Digital marketing?

WHY? – Why it is important?

HOW? – How can you use it?


Digital Marketing is a marketing strategy used to promote your product and business on any electronic platform using the internet. It educates the people on the internet about your product. Basically, Small-scale businesses should use this technique to know their potential customers. Digital marketing involves:

o Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
o Google Adwords Pay-per-Click(PPC)
o Social Media Marketing

• WHY?
Digital marketing helps your website to come higher in ranking when your search engine is listing the results. This is important if you want to increase Traffic on your website. The Traffic is the number of people visiting your website.

The more the Traffic the more will be the Conversion, that is, you will have more no. of customers.
Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional ways of marketing. You can save an effective amount of money by promoting your business through e-mail marketing, blog writing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing etc.

• HOW?
When you know how to use your resources, you can simply lead to success without making any extra efforts. There are three basic techniques to increase traffic on your website in a short period of time:

o Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
This technique is used when you have less capitalization and cannot invest much in advertising. Any search engine produces results by crawling through different websites related to the concerned search and rank them based on some criteria.
SEO is optimizing your website and making it search engine friendly for FREE. The results produced by this technique are called Organic Results.

o Pay-per-Click(PPC)
In PPC, the website owner pays some amount of money to the search engine company to show his website on the top of Search result page. This technique is used when you want more traffic in a very less amount of time.
In this model, the advertiser will pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Therefore, it’s a way of buying visits to your website.

o Social Media Marketing(SMM)
As its name suggest, Marketing and branding your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, pinterest etc. SMM also allows you to promote your business for FREE.
You can receive feedback in this model which is the best quality of SMM. Being active on social media will help you expand your business because it is visible to millions of people. SMM helps you to directly communicate with your customers.
Thus, Grow your business through Digital Marketing and earn more and more.