As we all know that in this digital world everyone wants a platform to express the goods and services they are going to offer to the customers so they can “Attract the right customer from a right region on right time”. This is how the work of the website begins. In today’s world before buying a single sandwich a person do a quick search about it so he won’t have to compromise with his taste. Imagine the numerous benefits a small scale business will have with their own website. Websites are not always about the tangible assets which are being offered, it can be about the services which are provided by the businessman.

For example, a college student having a beautiful talent in nail art and makeup, if only she has her own website, which will not only help her to display her work on the internet but that can also give her an opportunity to make her career in that field during her studying time from her home. One doesn’t always have to have a specific amount to create a business nowadays all they need is an Appealing website and an online business promotion.

With the help of online business promotion, a businessman can affect the online visibility of his website or a web page in a web search engine’s “unpaid results” or “organic result”